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The world of internet marketing is constantly changing. We have a new trend or technique every other day. So the effectiveness of any mentioned or proposed activity or technique is limited to such scenarios. We keep our clients updated with all such happening and revise our plan and campaign accordingly if required, with customer’s prior approval. (more…)

Sugar CRM

Our dedicated team streamline our customer’s CRM processes for profitable growth by easily and rapidly customizing SugarCRM. We customize SugarCRM according to requirement like integrating SugarCRM with other applications, migration of data from other solution to Sugar, module customization, integration, training etc.


WordPress is well known and powerful tool for web development. We offer custom plugin development, wordpress plugin and theme customization and support.

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wp editor in ajax

Hello Folks, Last time I have faced issue with wp_editor in ajax call. After some time I have fixed it and now want to share my solution. As we know that wp_editor renders an editor and it use tinyMCE for display editor. It works fine if we use it without ajax call. First Off I want […]


Add Rupee Symbol in HTML

The Indian currency sign was presented to the public by Indian government 15 july 2010. The Unicode Technical Committee accepted the proposed code for use of html pages. This currency sign is available in unicode 6. Unicode is U+20B9, in HTML it can be use by ‘₹‘. This will run successfully by unicode 6. Now […]

Backup and restore mysql database in linux

Database management from command line can be very fast rather than visual tools like PHPMyadmin etc. Some very useful commands are database backup of mysql and import the database into mysql. mysqldump is a command of mysql which can be use from shell command into linux. It is used to dump local or remote MySQL […]

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